Colorado State Highway Department

February 27, 2015
Colorado State Highway

PaverWhat does CDOT do obtainable?

Transportation impacts our lives every day through the bridges you cross, towards indications you read, to the building reports you follow. Good transportation system allows us to arrive at work, outdoor recreation and medical care therefore allows businesses to deliver products and services to consumers. The Colorado division of Transportation (CDOT) is out there to ensure that Colorado has actually a secure and efficient highway system because they build and maintaining interstates, US highways and state highways.

To accomplish this objective, CDOT conducts snowfall and ice functions, roadway upkeep and preservation, and construction administration because their primary activities. But CDOT provides significantly more with traffic tracking, avalanche control, rockfall minimization, transit development and funds, and traffic safety knowledge for impaired driving, teen driving, distracted operating, work area safety, seat belts plus.

Our Division of Aeronautics supports aviation passions state-wide; our Division of Transit and Rail provides assist with many transportation methods within the condition. CDOT additionally safeguards environmental surroundings, researches economical asphalt programs, develops better and efficient deicing processes, designs and constructs multi-modal services, and so much more.

Most of all, CDOT makes it possible to get to for which you need to go, safely—rain, snowfall or shine as there are not any pauses for CDOT maintenance crews who're often the first to reach when a car reduces or when there is an event on the road. CDOT in addition provides tourist information eg journey travel times, building delays and construction information to assist motorists make informed choices. They're only a handful of the numerous tasks CDOT performs to make certain safe and efficient travel on Colorado highways.

Common Fallacy: Motorists usually think that CDOT maintains local and residential roads, including neighborhood roads. However, metropolitan areas and counties are responsible for regional and residential roadways, perhaps not CDOT.

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