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August 3, 2015
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While Denver could be the Mile-High City, most of Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak is much more than a mile above sea-level! Meaning you need to adjust your activities, go on it just a little easier because there’s less oxygen here than, say Missouri if not Florida!

Therefore check out crucial tips we suggest to assist you maximize your Colorado getaway:

Take it painless in the beginning

manitou-incline-485 note that picture in the left- that’s the Manitou Incline. One mile hike. STRAIGHT UP. We suggest you prevent it on your own first day here. On the first day in the Pikes Peak region, we advice seeing a few of our great museums or indoor destinations. You’re going to need the time to let your system adapt to a higher altitude. We don’t recommend hiking into top of Pikes Peak out of the gate. Take to rising some routes of measures. Note that. No air. It just gets worse the higher you are going so go on it simple the initial time you’re right here.


You should really begin this procedure a day or two if your wanting to come. Helping the human body hydrate can minimize headaches which help adapt to the altitude. Colorado’s weather is dried out, like the desert, therefore you’ll need notably more water while you’re here. Carry a water bottle into the car or bag while you’re exploring outdoors of this Gods or shopping in Old Colorado City. You’ll want it.

Dress yourself in layers

Particularly when you’re taking your loved ones toward mountains, we advice dressing in levels. Have a sweatshirt or coat inside vehicle to you and what you may do, go with you if you’re increasing Pikes Peak or to our hill cities like Cripple Creek. On the top of Pikes Peak, the heat can be 30 to 40 degrees cooler compared to Manitou Springs which’s without wind! Even in the event you’re tough as fingernails, you’ll shiver like a wet pet on top of Pikes Peak in July with short pants and a t-shirt.

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Pikes Peak
Pikes Peak
VLOG: Colorado "Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak & Denver "
VLOG: Colorado "Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak & Denver "
Pikes Peak, Colorado
Pikes Peak, Colorado
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