Boulder City, CO

February 6, 2015
Boulder Restaurants
workplace associated with the City Clerk


To deliver system administration, exemplary customer care, guidance and use of information and resources, and differing levels of assistance for our diverse consumers to foster informed, available, and participatory federal government while meeting legal demands.


The City Clerk’s Office is in charge of numerous functions, including:

  • Administration of most municipal elections and the Campaign Finance Initiative;
  • Official certification of most formal city documents;
  • Administrative support for City Council, including yearly recruitment for panels and commissions, council subcommittee support, and Sister City relationships; and
  • The Domestic Partnership Registry.
  • 2016 Working Budget: $526, 200
  • 2016 range Full-time Equivalent (FTE) workers: 4.0


City Council Support
Responsible for preparing City Council agendas, tracking all City Council conferences and study sessions, including organizing and keeping formal City Council minutes.

Responsible for coordinating and administering all basic city elections. Citizen-initiated recalls, projects and referendums will also be submitted to your City Clerk and confirmed for sufficiency.

Panels and Commissions
The town of Boulder has actually 21 advisory boards and commissions that work with and advise town divisions and City Council on community problems.

Domestic Partnership Registry
The registry is an easy method in which single, committed partners who share a life and home together may document their relationship.

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