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April 3, 2016
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Would you inhabit one of the more dangerous towns and cities in Colorado?

Most of us watch the news headlines and determine the Twitter feeds come across of recent crimes that are happening inside our residence towns. While a significant criminal activity just obstructs away from your home can make you feel really uneasy, inside big image, likely, where you live is relatively safe.

Thinking about Colorado conjures up images of intense snowy mountains and peaceful forests. Risk isn’t one thing folks consider if they start thinking about Colorado, except possibly in a skiing accident. And even though Colorado are among safer says, it still has some towns in which you’ve gotta watch the back.

Most Dangerous Cities In ColoradoInstead of counting on speculation, we dug in to the FBI crime data to identify the absolute most dangerous places in Colorado. The effect could be the following set of top most dangerous:

  1. Pueblo
  2. Federal Heights
  3. Vail
  4. Lakewood
  5. Sheridan
  6. Grand Junction
  7. Colorado Springs
  8. Denver
  9. Canon City
  10. Glenwood Spring

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Exactly how we determined the most dangerous locations in Colorado

While you will find studies and general public polls on what cities in a situation would be the many dangerous, we didn’t need depend on speculation and opinion. Instead, we looked at the tough numbers through the FBI’s final three-years of reporting. Particularly, we analyzed the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report which summarizes how many home crimes and violent crimes in each town per year.

Violent crimes are defined as rapes, murders, robberies and aggravated assaults.

We just looked at cities which have communities in excess of 5, 000 people at the time of 2013, which is the this past year the report was readily available. This left us with an overall total of 68 cities in Colorado to rank.

Many Dangerous Cities In ColoradoFinally, we made 2013 element more heavily than 2012, since more recent crimes are a larger identifying consider just how dangerous a location is. You can observe our overall position at the bottom regarding the post.

We ought to observe that this report isn't an evaluation of effectiveness of regional authorities departments. It simply states where crimes happened most frequently.

1. Pueblo

Supply: Wikipedia

Populace: 108, 062
Violent Crime Position: 1
Property Crime Rank: 2

Coming in first place the most dangerous city in Colorado is Pueblo, a town 110 kilometers south of Denver.

Even though Pueblo might be known as “a city of quality, ” they truly excel in crime; residents face a-1 in 107 potential for being the target of violence and a-1 in 14 possibility of becoming the victim of a house criminal activity.

These figures aren’t recovering either, with property crime up 28per cent and violent criminal activity up 18percent within the last 2 12 months reporting duration information.

2. Federal Heights

Populace: 11, 894
Violent Crime Position: 3
Property Crime Position: 4

The motto in Federal Heights is “rising to great heights, ” when considering criminal activity, the town undoubtedly does increase towards celebration.

Many Dangerous Cities In Colorado Most Dangerous Cities In Colorado Many Dangerous Cities In Colorado Most Dangerous Cities In Colorado
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