Boulder, Colorado

May 23, 2017
University of Colorado-Boulder

Landfills tend to be imperfect locations to send our waste.

Because they’re made to avoid liquid, oxygen and sunlight from entering, almost no of what’s hidden here breaks down—even products marked “biodegradable” or “compostable.“

Our community gets almost no worth out-of burying garbage within the surface.

Indeed, we pay to do it. It’s like a one-way street, in which we buy, consume and dispose of products, never to see all of them again.

Zero waste is exactly the contrary.

A real zero waste system is cyclical, like nature: every thing we produce, consume and dump sooner or later dates back to feed the larger system after its of use life. It’s a loop in place of a one-way road.

By choosing to recycle, recycle and compost in the place of deliver waste on landfill, we add value to our “waste” and purchase the future of our community and our local economy.

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How close is Boulder to zero waste?

Boulder is a durability frontrunner in many ways, and now we had been among the first urban centers to present curbside recycling; yet we however send two-thirds of our waste into the landfill. Cities like Portland and bay area are doing far better.

And we can, too.

How does Boulder compare to many other urban centers?

Percentage of waste which composted or recycled:


57% recycling &
compost 43per cent landfill


28percent recycling &
compost 72% landfill

flats &

20percent recycling &
compost 80per cent landfill

How does Boulder achieve zero waste?

Over 100, 000 residents and 10, 000 businesses call Boulder home, and our day to day activities shape our neighborhood. We’ve proven that by protecting normal habitats, creating a world-class community of bike routes and greenways, and driving the nation’s very first tax made to lower carbon dioxide. Attaining zero waste is the next item on our to-do record.

In the next few years, Boulder is designed to:


Expand recycling and composting possibilities to all residents, businesses, employees and site visitors.


Connect community users with unique zero waste solutions to help people recycle and recycle more.

Boulder, Colorado
Boulder, Colorado
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Colorado Boulder flooding: Aerials of destruction
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Boulder, Colorado Stock Footage ~ Grateful Dawg
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