Colorado Tourism Conference

February 12, 2017
Don Marostica, Interim

Storytelling had been an important motif only at that year’s Colorado Governor’s Tourism meeting. The annual gathering lured members of the state’s $17 billion tourism business, for talks, training and networking. Judging through the content of several presentations, the idea of storytelling might be playing a more impressive role in exactly how vacation brands marketplace on their own.

Jonah Sachs, writer of Winning the Story Wars, ended up being a keynote presenter at summit. Sachs’ book describes the Story conflicts as the fight become heard in today’s overcrowded news market. He noted how many brand emails are drowned out in today’s world of noise and clamor. In comparison, particular companies break through the mess, linking through the use of one of the more powerful tools of all time for going minds and changing behavior – great stories.

In the presentation, Sachs pointed out that people love to send their particular standard morals and values through storytelling. And he needed a new approach to advertising and marketing, in which businesses create brand new values-based tales about their particular companies based on the habits of ancient myth. Sachs encouraged marketers to leave behind the old methods for offering through condition, doubt and doubt, rather getting accountable modern misconception creators. Their presentation in addition included an overview of a number of basic misconception frameworks, and exactly how they could be made use of successfully by entrepreneurs. It absolutely was a tremendously thought-provoking blend of advertising and marketing, individual behavior and mythology.

Jess Todtfeld gave another keynote presentation. Todtfeld comes from a news and advertising history, and introduced numerous tips for pitching brands toward media. But their presentation additionally highlighted the advantages of storytelling. Todtfeld demonstrated the simple power of an individual story, contrasting its artistic impact and memorability toward audience, versus exactly what he sees as a much more typical, and far less effective, strategy – the info dump. He's actually heard of storytelling method provide greater results in the wonderful world of public relations pitches, and recommended techniques for similar approach to make entrepreneurs more beneficial.

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