Free State Map

March 9, 2017
Free State Map
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Historical and contemporary maps for the US, including actual and political maps, early exploration and colonization period, territorial expansion maps, climate maps, relief maps, populace density and circulation maps, plant life maps, and economic/resource maps.

Slave and Free Areas following the Missouri Compromise, 1820
a chart associated with usa at the time of the Missouri Compromise (1820) showing the no-cost states and regions, slave states and regions, the British and Spanish belongings at that time, and Oregon nation.

America, 1821
a map of the usa in 1821 showing the states and territories which both acknowledged or abolished slavery following the Missouri Compromise of 1820. The chart is color–coded to exhibit absolutely free states, says undergoing gradual abolition...

The United States, 1830
a map of the United States in 1830 showing the states and regions, the joint–occupation with Britain in Oregon Country, while the Brit and Spanish belongings during the time. The chart shows the westward growth of this usa, because of the...

United states of america while the Slavery Prohibition problem, 1850
a map of usa and territories at the time of the slavery prohibition issue in 1850, after the Missouri Compromise of 1820. The map is color–coded to show areas where slavery was forbidden by State Law, slavery was prohibited b...

Freedom States and Slavery States, 1854
a map associated with United States during the time of the Kansas–Nebraska Act (1854) which permitted settlers to find out whether or not slavery is allowed within their territories. The chart is color–coded showing the No-cost States (including Californi...

America , 1860
a chart associated with United States in 1860 showing the says and territory boundaries during the time, and is color–coded to exhibit the servant says and distribution of slaves, the free says, as well as the regions, all available to slavery in Compromise o...

Post Civil War United States Of America, 1865–1892
a map associated with the United States after the American Civil War showing governmental facts, boundaries, and disputes concerning the post-Civil War repair (1865–1892).

Climate and Watersheds of the united states of america, 1868
a map from 1868 associated with united states of america showing real features, imply yearly temperatures, rainfall circulation, watersheds, and principal services and products in your community. The typical yearly temperatures tend to be shown by isotherms, with temperatures offered in level...

The United States, 1870
a map from 1870 associated with the continental united states of america showing condition boundaries during the time (east Oklahoma had been however Indian Territory). The chart reveals condition capitals and major locations, mountain systems, lakes, streams, and seaside functions.

Reconstructed United States, 1870
a chart of the US and regions following the Civil War during reconstruction and readmission by 1870. The map is color–coded to show the ‘Normal States’ (Union shows), the ‘Reconstructed States&’ (Confederate S...

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Rand McNally Massachusetts State Map Download Books Free
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